FAQ Section

1. What is Dolia Cats all about?

Dolia Cats is a collection of 9,999 meticulously handcrafted NFTs. These are not just any NFTs. Apart from being programmatically designed from 150+ random attributes, each Dolia Cat NFT gives its owners access to the Meow World, which is a whole play2earn universe, dedicated to fluffy little creatures we all love. The Meowverse is in its final development stages and is set to boast Play2Earn games and its own tokenomics where MILK (token name: MEELK) goes as the main currency. In fact, tokenomics would have been too plain for the Meowverse, so prepare yourself for the most unique TOKENOMILKS that has ever existed in the cat world. Dolia Cats were first imagined, and then created by Daniil Dolia and here are a few words from our founder: For us, Dolia Cats is more than just a collection of NFTs. It’s a story that ties to my upbringing, now turned into an expansive virtual world that we have been developing for the past 3 years. I absolutely love cats and truth be told, I have 7 kitties waiting for me at home. Each cat was either adopted from a kittie rescue, picked up as a kitten from the streets or just given to me by neighbours when they moved out. Today, they all live their best lives as one happy family. As you know, all cats are characters and it is what the Dolia Cats NFT art collection is all about. Which one do our NFT community members adopt? We let the algorithm decide.

2. Why buy Dolia Cats?

Not only is each NFT extremely unique, but it also grants our community early access to the expansive Meowverse, its tokenomilks and legendary airdrops packed with attributes and perks. The beautifully designed cat metaverse that is set to launch soon after the NFT art collection sells out, boasts epic play2earn games that will give any other metaverse in existence, a run for its money. This time, it’s the meow time! Most importantly, every NFT holder will be a governor of the Meowverse’s future. Which direction to take in the metaverse’s development? What new games to add for the community? How to expand the cat world and what exactly to do to make the life of Dolia Cats stellar? All these pillars will be governed by the Dolia Cats community and this is just the beginning!

3. How do I buy Dolia Cats?

Dolia Cats are sold in rounds and the earlier you adopt a cat NFT, the greater your loot will be. At the moment you can adopt a Dolia Cat by signing up for Whitelist, and later on any major NFT marketplace like: Opensea, Rarible, and Looksrare .

4. Are Dolia Cats NFTs unique?

The answer is simple, and it is a YES! Each cat NFT art is programmatically created out of over 150+ different attributes that govern the traits of your adopted NFT. Be it a crown, a chain, tats, a jacket, or even a TNT in the hand that is about to explode, there will always be something that will set your cat apart!

5. Where can I connect to the Dolia Cats community?

Our community never stops to expand, but every new member becomes part of the family. After all, we all love cats, and it’s these amazingly smart creatures, that bring us together! Join the family on: Discord, Twitter and IG.

6. How many Dolia Cats are there in total?

How many lives does a cat have? Nine! This is why the NFT collection is limited to only 9,999 examples and there will never be more!

7. What is a Meowverse?

Meowverse is a cat metaverse and, most likely, the only virtual space with the most closely-knit community. The Meowverse is a place where you can join amazing play2earn games, boost and grow your kitties NFT collection, decide on the metaverse’ development. It is where 9,999 kitties will find a home and their population flourish.

8. The Tokenomilks

Meowverse is designed with its own currency in mind. This currency is of course, the MEELK token. The rules are simple! You play games to earn, and then use MEELK to go crazy in the Meowverse:

This is not the end of it. Once you amass enough MEELK you can change it to crypto and withdraw it to your Metamask wallet.

9. What is an NFT?

NFTs serve as a fully-fledged evolution of blockchain, that not many people truly expected. An NFT is a non-fungible token and a smart contract that makes you the rightful owner of an asset, regardless of whether it is digital or exists in a real-world physical form. This can be music, real estate, you name it. But since we are on the subject of Dolia Cats, an NFT proves ownership of digital art or collection of it. Every time you purchase (read adopt) a Dolia Cat, you get an NFT that becomes akin to a digital passport that proves your ownership rights of a specific Dolia Cat artwork or intellectual property. And since it’s a token, this information gets stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Always verifiable, always safe!

10. What are we giving to the community?

The community lies at the heart of the project. Every member of the Dolia Cats NFT community becomes part of the family, a family where everyone is loved, cherished and respected. Therefore, to celebrate each and every member of the community we will be conducting ongoing airdrops where you’ll be able to bag:

11. How is Dolia Cats different from other NFT projects?

Dolia Cats is what Cryptokitties always wanted to be. We are more than just an NFT project because each Dolia Cat NFT grants you access to the Meowverse and this is where the fun begins. But, let us put it all out for you bit by bit:

12. What is the main goal of the project?

Cats can be friendly, cats can be rough, but they are the creatures we just can’t love enough. The goal of the project is to gather a community of people that will be like family to each other, all united by love for the fluffy cat friends. Oh, and as a secondary goal, we are only aiming to become the primary metaverse out there, with the best play2earn games that have ever existed on planet Earth! We achieve this with a thought-through tokenomics that leverages demand and supply, as well as an engaging ecosystem that will make jaws-drop! So here it is! We strive to make each NFT more valuable than what you start with, and it is all down to the ecosystem, set to nurture that.